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Erkki Hakkala founder of FootBalance


The story of Footbalance starts in 2003 with Erkki Hakkala, a Finnish physiotherapist specialized in podiatric medicine. An innovator by nature, Hakkala founded a foot and lower limb analysis clinic in Helsinki to develop more modern treatment methods that would better serve patients. Inventions to improve the well-being of people have never been in short supply, but for some reason our feet have been largely neglected.

Hakkala founded FootBalance with the goal to empower the owners of the world's 13 billion different feet to move better with innovative custom insoles.

A Nordic fusion of science, technology and medicine.

When we started off, the right tools and technology were nowhere to be found. To realise our ambition, we had to invent everything from scratch.

Our products were tested by 50 doctors and five physiotherapists with over 3,000 patients before launching the first insoles commercially in 2007. All of our products are designed in Finland.

By combining advanced scanning and moulding technology with orthopedic expertise, we were the first company to deliver affordable custom insoles in-store.

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